People who are in the eyelash business for the first time are prone to make many mistakes because of a lack of experience.

If you don’t have friends with experience in this industry, it is very difficult to find your own way.

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This blog mainly reminds you of some problems that you should pay attention to when buying eyelash products for the first time. I hope you can avoid detours and earn the first gold in your eyelash industry.

How To Determine Good Mink Eyelashes?

Good mink eyelashes are made of pure mink hair with peaks.

Mink hair has a certain degree of hardness, and the reflection of eyelashes is also very natural. Mink eyelashes are very close to one’s own eyelashes.

Many people also like silk eyelashes, which are lighter, softer, and have sharper reflections.

When buying eyelashes, it is important to distinguish what is good eyelashes.

hot selling silk eyelashes

Payment Notes

Some companies use the PAYPAL platform to complete payment transactions. You need to register an account on the payment platform with your email address.

The specific bill will be sent to your mailbox, and you can check and confirm the specific information of the bill.

How Many Days Will My Eyelashes Arrive?

Some people always hope that express delivery can arrive at the fastest speed. Especially some customers who are short of supply.

If it is a custom eyelash or eyelash box, you have to explain to the eyelash provider a few days in advance and let them customize it for you in advance.

If you predict the shortage of the supply, you must buy it in advance.

Hope this content can help you.

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