What’s the difference of mink lashes , faux mink lashes and horse lashes?

How to distinguish the mink lashes, faux mink lashes and horse lashes ?As a new lash business starter ,there are many works need to be prepared . First step is to know all kinds of false strip lashes in the markets.

3D mink lashes

This type is best sell types in the market .It is made with 100% cruelty free mink fur. The lashes is natural ,soft ,fluffy.Actually it’s three different shapes lashes put it together .Every single mink fur with different curls. From different angles , the lashes look different. So we call it 3 dimensions lashes .The 3D mink lashes have different lengths , every lengths has different styles .The bands have clear and black bands .Avatar lashes have 7 series 3D mink lashes for you .

1.13mm lashes (black bands) :DQ series  Suitable for middle east market , Asian market ,small eyes

2.16mm lashes  (black bands): 3D series This type is suitable for the white people from north America , Australia , Europe.

3.20-22 mm lashes  (black bands): DM series : Participate of white people , all the African America

4.25mm lashes  (black bands):DH series  African America

5.28mm lashes  (black bands):DX series  African America

6.Double layers lashes  (black bands):DB series  African America

7.Clear bands lashes :T series The bands with clear bands , it looks like more natural .

Faux mink lashes

It also called silk lashes or wand lashes .The material use 0.05 fiber, glossy , light weight , light weight .

Avatar developed DW and DS series for customers .

Horse lashes

It is produced with horse hair , also is natural and fluffy .Compared with faux mink lashes , it is little more messy .If you want very neat and clear appearance , you can choose faux mink lashes.


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