At the riverside point, there is always sea of ​​hope.

 Since the customer came to ask you about the price of the eyelashes, it means that he/she is conscious of the eyelashes.

Since they are writing an email to you, as long as you are not familiar to each other, you should cherish and appreciate their emails. Now the time is limited and people are busy, so until the customers are spending their time to write emails to you sounds great and they are in need of the products you offer. Unless it is from competitors who wants you to inquire your prices to them. Under this circumstance what you are supposed to do is to ignore this email after it has been identified. But when customers are interested in this eyelashes business, their growth or expansion of their business at the beginning requires your help and guidance as a vendor. The supplier needs to understand the customer’s situation, seek the customer’s confusion, and where the customer needs the help.

If the customer is writing an email to you and repeat again you are supposed to consider customer’s email, where is her demand or need? The only way to know the need of your customer is through asking them simple and short questions to the email of the customer and the customer’s answer will help you easily to identify and to grasp the customer’s situation. For example: “Have you ever done this 3D eyelashes before?” or “Which products did you use before?” “Do you have a website?” “How did you know our company?”, etc., when sending the customer emails or when you will chat with them and then you can ask.

After understanding the customer’s need, if we have been successful to recognize that then tell the customer what is your advice specifically to their problem, what you can do in relation. After providing this information, tell the customer that they can make a choice based on their situation do not choose for them! Don’t force, don’t hesitate, let customers make decisions by themselves!

After understanding the customer’s situation and confusion, the basic problems to be encountered by the customer are basically depending to the type of the customer you have. And customers are divided into three categories:

-The ones who have done the business before and need to find out the price,

 -The ones who see that others are selling well, and wants to inquire about the situation.

-The ones which are new, and are interested in it.

As long as you are experienced to the eyelashes, you can guide your customers to decide:

We are glad that we can help you.3D Mink lashes is divided into different grades and designs. Before you decide to purchase, you must clearly distinguish the product grade and then purchase the product. If you want to know the price, click this page …………………………………………………………………. 

The picture and price of the three grades are compared to stimulate and to create customer awareness. The high-quality eyelashes are relatively expensive; however, they can be used repeatedly for 20-25 times, and are comfortable to wear, no pressure about our confidence in beauty and the cost per one wear is low. The low-quality eyelashes are low in price, but can’t be reused, and they look not so natural. The cost per wear is much higher.

Click here for different grades of MINK LASHES, high-quality eyelashes look so elegant and more natural. But low-quality eyelashes, gives you a weird feeling, the hairs are hard with hard eye strip, long and are easily shedding.

Choose the most high-quality products and choose the price to be competitive, then our products are just right for you, because our quality is very high, of course, but our price is very cheap when you will compare to the quality we will offer you, our cost of production is very high, different grades and styles of the products do not have same price.

Lastly, It is recommended that customers to set samples so that they can compare products market acceptance and demand, product quality and service. Master the negotiations skills and step up the customer to close the deal.


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