The most creative fake eyelashes box, look over!

In the previous blog, we introduced the crucial disinfection process in the production of false eyelashes.

Today’s article introduces several fake eyelash packaging boxes, as shown in the video.

From the shape of the material to the printing process, each fake eyelash box is a collection of a designer’s mind.

In the case of the laser paper box in the video, this production process is rare in China.

Laser paper belongs to special paper materials. In order to reduce the cost, the general small factory is not willing to mold. In addition, due to its special nature, this false eyelash box can not be printed, and can only be bronzing.

eyelash box can not be printed, and can only be bronzing.

The bronzing process is outsourced to other companies due to technical difficulties and expensive equipment, so the quality is not guaranteed.

Our company has its own independent false eyelash production factory and false eyelash packaging box production factory.

Therefore, AVATARLASHES can ensure that every fake eyelash and eyelash packaging box sold is a multi-inspection, qualified quality product.


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