More lash Knowledge about false eyelashes you don’t know

As the saying goes, a good start is half the success. Quality products need to be well promoted and packaged. We are not only a professional false eyelash supplier but also a talented eyelash designer and a designer of the eyelash box.
About the many complicated production techniques of the eyelash box, and listen to me carefully.
Today I mainly introduce you to the swatch composition of the box.
Please see the video for details.

The swatches are not only the difference in color but also the thickness of the paper material. Only the carefully confirmed design drawings can be used on the machine to make the model, in order to ensure the material of the lash box is intact, and the selection of raw materials is also crucial. of.

We are constantly striving to present more creative and high-quality false eyelashes and eyelash boxes to the world.

AVATARLASHE solemnly promise that every pair of false eyelashes that we sell out of the warehouse are handmade and strictly sterile.


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