How to help customers pick up 3D mink lashes for their eye shape?

The power of 3D mink eyelashes

Customers may ask you that does your 3D mink lashes really make the big difference ?Lashes will take your look from glassy to glam,literally in seconds.They are so truly easy to apply.Today I will show you all the different lashes ,Shapes and styles .So you can decide what lash is best for your eyes. There are round lashes , winged lashes ,light lashes , heavy lashes .We gonna go through all.

First , let’s see the dramatic difference the lashes make .

The right model is wearing the 3D mink lashes 3D04,the left model is identical lashes but no lashes .All we did is the pull the lashes off , as you can see the look is entirely different .It’s still pretty , it’s just not glam.Lashes take your make up and glam to the next level.When you want impress , you got to put a pair of lashes on .They change everything.

The model is wearing avatar lashes 20mm lashes DM29.

When choosing the perfect eyelashes for your eye shape and your look. The first thing you need to decide is whether you want a dramatic lash or a natural lashes .There are two different volume of lashes .There are heavy lashes from avatar lashes 3D mink lashes .There are lighter lashes , which is luxury collections of 13mm mink lashes. I want to compare two styles , so you guys can see what I mean .

The next thing you need to look out when deciding the perfect lashes for your look is what shape lash.There are winged lashes , there are round lashes. For example ,3D58 is a round lashes , 3D24 is a winged lashes . They are almost identical styles .3D58 is s style of round .That means the start of lash and the end of lash are exactly same.The left lash and right lash are exactly same . Winged lashes , it goes from shorter to longer as it comes to end .That’s why call it is winged .



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