How to choose the eyelash packaging?
How to choose the eyelash packaging?

How to choose the eyelash packaging?

There are many lash packages in the markets. How to choose the lash package for lash business .It’s very important for small lash business owner .

Currently , there are plastic eyelash packaging, eyelash box with mirror ,and other custom eyelash packaging.Such as glitter eyelash packaging,lilly lashes packaging,diy eyelash box,marble eyelash packaging and lollipop eyelash packaging.

I suggest the starters use the plastic eyelash packaging  or eyelash box with mirror. The eyelash wholesale vendors usually stock these packaging . It is very cheap eyelash boxes.Also it is fast delivery eyelash packing box . If you buy 100 boxes, it can delivery right now . Also can do custom logo eyelash packaging.You can have your lash brand quickly.

If you are experienced lash seller , I suggest you choose custom eyelash boxes .Cause the brand is

Influenced . A custom lash boxes can bring better experience .Make lash brand spread quickly . We also wholesale custom eyelash packaging box.Firstly , our designer will design custom eyelash packaging box as your request. If you think ok , we will start to produce. Of course , wholesale eyelash boxes are amount requests, it is not large. We have both cheap custom eyelash boxes and good quality custom lash boxes. You can choose according to your budget.


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