How students start lash business at school?
How students start lash business at school?

How students start lash business at school?

Recently there are many talking about the student launch the lash company , students start the lash business .Acactually it is very easy to start your own lash business and students can make is mroe succesfully compared to other people.

Are you planning to start your own business ? Please don’t hesitate .Just let see how Alexi Gillis and Jada Carrington .

Alexi Gillis launched an eyelash brand called the lash pharmacy when she attends Florida A&M University.

when she attends Florida A&M University.

She is second-year Doctor of Pharmacy Candidate . She posted her lashes in prescrption pharmacy vials on Twitter during the Christmas breaks.

Then she launched the Instagram account .In less than three months, she gained more than $5000 followers on Instagram .

She thinks the most important thing is the lash packing , it makes her brand outstanding . Avatarlashes can provide various lash packaging . You can come to us to custom your own lash packaging , start the lash business now .

Another student called Jada carrington , she is a senior crime justice major from Dallas , Texas .She always dream  to create her own lash line business. This dream finally come true with the help of her best friend Desharne Wooderts.

Her friend send a box of lashes to her . She posted int . The first post has been shared 1470 ties and received nearly 5020 likes.

Carrington sells a variety of style lashes. But she mainly sell 3D mink 25mm lashes . She now planned to add more to the selection.

For students , to start your own own lash business is not difficult .Just need good plans.

Firstly , you need to find the good lashes vendors. Good quality can helpful to business .Cause among students , girls like talking , if good quality , your brand will spread quickly.

Secondly, find an outstanding packaging , be different . People always like unique , if your lashes have an unique packaging ,they feel like be treated differently.


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