How do I get more lash clients for my own lash business  ?
How do I get more lash clients for my own lash business ?

How do I get more lash clients for my own lash business ?

Some customers always ask me how can I sell more lashes , today I will introduce some of my experience that my help you .

  1. Send some free sample to potential clients

You can give some clients lashes for free . But please make sure that you send new and most popular one. And find the people that have some potential contacts .Cause They will talk to people about your lashes.  

  • Charge a sale price for new styles of mink eyelashes ,for example 30mm lashes.The price should be lower or same with the market price.
  • Provide a good product

This is the key to the lash business.Cause customers always like good quality mink eyelashes and faux mink lashes.They can wear many times . It looks fabulous .Moreover , customers can introduce customers to you .

  • Provide good service

Please always reply customers in time and give best suggestion of wear lashes.If you don’t have much lash knowledge , please contact avatar lashes sales personnel Sarah +8617669625122(whatsapp).She will delivery all the knowledge to you.

  • Target offices

Did you think about the sales at target offices? If you go to doctors or densities office , you can show the lashes to nurses. You mink eyelashes will do the talk. If they like the 3d mink lashes, you will get more clients. Even can wholesale mink lashes at these places.

  • Get client photos

Please remember to get client photos for advertising your mink lash business. You can offer a lower price to get these photos. And you can put the photo on instagram or facebook. Also can put it on your card , drop at the gym .

  • Give a gift

To wholesale eyelashes, you can offer some extra gift to customers . Everyone like the gifts.It can help you get stable customers.


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