Is it a wise decision to suddenly change your high quality eyelash vendor?

Last time we discuss: How do I choose my good eyelashes vendor? Today, let us discuss: Is it a wise decision to suddenly change you high quality eyelash vendor?

Imagine you are an eyelash retail merchant, you have a good eyelash supplier.

One day, another eyelash suppliers send enquiry to you, she send its price list to you, her price cheaper than your current stable eyelash supplier.

she also used a lot of clever and skilled words to make you heart shaken, and then you want to change your suppliers.

When high quality eyelash distributor change, will your customers change ?

The answer is obvious.

Why would someone become your regular customer?

That’s because they keep buying your eyelash products, your regular customers are used to wearing your current eyelash supplier’s eyelash products. 

And they have a very good impression and experience with them. 

If you suddenly change stable supplier, your regular customers will surely feel the texture, weight, and even quality of your lashes are changed. 

Imagine again, it just as your favorite coffee suddenly changes its taste one day.

How do you feel?

Maybe the good mood of the day has been spoiled.

When high quality eyelash suppliers change, will your profits change?

Of course!

Some of your regular customers have gone and bought false lashes from other retailers,

and new customers who want to buy your eyelash products will not come to your shop.

A lot of eyelash products are stacked in the warehouse.

When high quality eyelash vendor change,will your reputation change a lot ?

We all know how important reputation is in the development of business.

The reason why many regular customers keep buying our products is because of their trust in us, the quality of our products and our service.

Changing the good eyelash vendor supplier of eyelashes means that the material and quality of the product will change,

and even if your service remains the same, consumers will no longer trust you.


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