Eyelash Sample Pack

Eyelash Sample Pack

What can you benefit from eyelash sample pack ?

Avatar Lashes always introduce the eyelash sample pack regularly. The eyelash sample pack is both for new lash business starter and experienced lash business owner . Why we recommend the eyelash sample pack and insist that all the customers should try it ? What can the lash business runner benefit from the sample pack ?

First of all , you can experience many lash styles at one time. We have many different series of eyelash .Including 3D mink eyelashes , wand lashes ,25mm mink lashes , 28mm mink lashes , 6D mink eyelashes. Every series contains different lash styles. The sample pack usually contains the best sell styles .We notice that the lash starters usually don’t know how to choose the lashes for sarting business. The experienced lash owner already have the best sell styles, but hard to enlarge the lash business.The eyelash pack can help solve these problems.

Secondly, the lash factory will develop new lash styles every month to meet the demand of market.For example, our lash factory introduce at least 3-5 new styles every month. The new lash styles catch customer’s eyes quickly. We introduce the new styles to the old customers firstly.The old customers always want a eyelash set which include all kinds of styles .They inspire us to promot the new styles , so we launch many eyelash packs. As the lash business starter, please open to any new oppotunities and try for your business. After all the cost is not too much , the returns can’t be measured .

  1. This eyelash sample pack contains our best sell 16 mm3D mink eyelashes and 20-22mm mink lashes. This pack is basic pack for the lash business. $88.9 for 10 sets with packages.Free shipping .If you want other styles , please check the catalogue below.

2. This eyelash sample pack contains very thick lashes series, it includes 25mm lashes and double layer lashes.Can highly meet the demand of customers dramatic make up. Only cost $99.9 /10 sets, free shipping. If you want more styles, you can contact whatsapp :+17669625122

3. This eyelash sample package contains the newst styles of faux mink eyelash , customer also can call it silk lashes or wand lashes.Please ntoice the material is very special .Till now only our factory can produce . It is sofer and darker than any other wand lashes. Only cost $65.9/10sets with package, free shipping . This package can save cost for the new starters.As it’s the new styles , the end users like to try . Any questions , please contact whatsapp:+8617669625122.

Payment process

1.We accept PayPal , west union , money gram .These methods can keep your money safe.

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1.We make delivery by DHL ,UPS, FedEx .

2. It takes 2-3 days to USA ,Canada, European Austrilia ,middle east, etc.

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