6D Mink Lahses

6D Mink Lahses

Double eyelashes are also called 5D 6D mink lashes. The length is generally 25mm.Double-layered eyelashes are the thickest type of eyelashes. The birth of this series enriches the types of eyelashes market and fills the gap in the exaggerated eyelashes market. We recommend customers wears in various occasions, such as work, school, girls party, selfie and dating. Also will be a good choice for friends birthday, Mother’s Day, Valentine’s Day, Christmas, etc.

How are lashes produced?

In fact, the production process of 6d mink lashes is similar to 3D mink lashes. All need to draw the design drawings first, and then the workers manually produce according to the design drawings. The production of double eyelashes requires workers to have a higher level. Not every factory has such technical support and strict quality control. Once the produced eyelashes do not meet the requirements, the eyelashes will become waste products. In some factories, because the technology does not meet the standards and want to reduce costs, this phenomenon often occurs. Good double eyelashes, the upper and lower eyelashes are thick, but not heavy.

Will 6d mink lashes shed?

Some customers have reported to us that the double-layered eyelashes bought from other homes are very serious. When buying our eyelashes, we also have concerns. Will our eyelashes fall off seriously? I can tell everyone responsibly that any of our eyelashes can be guaranteed not to fall off. Because we use the best glue and the best materials. No matter how it is dragged, our eyelashes will not fall off.

6D mink lashes package

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