What is the most  impressed lash logo ?
What is the most impressed lash logo ?

What is the most impressed lash logo ?

LOGO is the most important way for customers and brands to communicate visually. From color to shape, from text to decoration, each element of LOGO can convey information, which is why LOGO is small, but so important. But what kind of logo is unforgettable? The following 5 tips should help you.

  1. Simple and easy to understand. The simple LOGO image design ensures that users all over the world can quickly understand and remember, so that customers can recognize what product you are selling at a glance. For example, like Apple’s LOGO, no matter what adjustments and redesigns have been made, users can quickly identify when and where.
  2. Clear design goals. The LOGO you design should accurately and effectively represent its corresponding product. this point is very important. Consider the color and shape of your LOGO, and whether it can show the product’s functions or features. Each LOGO should have a unique meaning.
  3. Strictly check with color. Color matching is too important. This is not just a superficial article. Color can affect emotions. It also relates to the meaning of the logo and the concept conveyed by the logo. In order to ensure that the LOGO is simple enough and recognizable enough, usually the colors contained in it cannot exceed 3.
  4. Need a good-looking font. Good-looking fonts will add a lot to your LOGO.
  5. Add some elements to give it a soul and reach resonance with customers. Each country has some representative things. When designing a LOGO, you can add some graphic elements or cultural elements. It can be a pattern border or text. Note that sometimes the pattern cannot be too complicated and needs to be refined.
  6. “Tactics”-able to convey brands and stories. A good logo can tell you some information about the brand it represents, and it can also tell us the company’s story or the company’s development history.
    Take Amazon LOGO as an example. There is an obvious smile under the simple text. Do you think what story does that smile represent or what concept does it convey to the outside? Even if you can’t see it at first, it will evoke a special emotion for the user.
    If a logo is related to your brand story, it will be more memorable.


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