What is high quality  mink eyelashes (2)?
What is high quality mink eyelashes (2)?

What is high quality mink eyelashes (2)?

Furthermore , designers must have high-end ideas. keeping up with fashion, makeup trends. According to different periods, different people ’s ideas, different requirements for beauty .And research their Eye shape, skin color and other characters. So designers can design different people’s style drawings.Finally can better and more accurately highlight each person’s characteristics.

We select our workers carefully. They must be patient and have a sense of beauty.  We Trained our workers at least half a year.They understand the company culture, and understand our pursuit of beauty. We also trained the workers how to  use the eyelash tweezers . So can put the hair on the right place according to the drawings. And put it into the prototype of the eyelashes according to the designer’s concept.  As to  ensuring the symmetry of the left and right eyes. So the number of hairs of the left and right eyes is the same.

 Choose the best silicone to bond the eyelashes . The workers must have high patience. In order to bond the eyeliner less than 2mm firmly, there is no glue, and the eyeliner is soft.  It has high requirements on the surrounding temperature. Then remove the excess mink hair.


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