What essentials products for starting lash business?
What essentials products for starting lash business?

What essentials products for starting lash business?

Avatar lashes have served thousands of lash business owner since we established . Many customers grow up with us from small business . Today I won’t share the lashes knowledge.  

Cause I know you also need other essentials products after choosing the suitable lash vendors.

Here is the tips that can help you start lash business quickly.This is really helpful, please check carefully , cause I have asked thousands of customers before I decide to write this.

Bubble lined poly mailer for lash business

  1. Bubble lined poly mailer , self seal ,you can buy from the lash vendors, avatar lashes provide it .You can order 25- 50 for the first time .There are also other sizes and colors to choose .You also can customize for your brand.I recommend you can start with small size and small amount firstly.It will be convenient for you . Price is lower than Amazon, you can contact Sarah on Whatsapp :+8617669625122
  • Disposable gloves ,it safe and keep your business clean .Details decide the success . This small action give customer good impression. You can purchase small amount , 10 pieces is ok .
  • Shipping scale , don’t need expensive .You can use to weight the lash for DHL,UPS ,FedEx.
  • Label printer-commercial grade direct thermal high speed printer ,compatible with ets ,ebay , amazon .It helps you package the lashes very fast and conveniently. Please make sure it can use long time.
  • White box for packaging , you can choose different sizes .From small amount .

With all these essential products , you can rest assured to start you business now.It is not expensive at all, you can buy from the lash vendors . Within $200 , you can start your business . How amazing .If you have other questions, like how to promote the lash business, how to make sure enough stock. Please contact Avatar lashes .Sarah is always at your service. Any questions can be answered , any problems can be solved.


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