The process of making handmade eyelashes
The process of making handmade eyelashes

The process of making handmade eyelashes

How to make handmade mink eyelashes? Today,we discuss the process of making handmade eyelashes.

You’ve definitely seen false eyelashes or worn false eyelashes, but have you ever seen the process of making only handmade mink eyelashes? Do you know the process of making handmade eyelashes ?

The first is the collection and processing of high-quality mink, and the second is the placement of mink, which Is what I’m going to focus on, the placement of mink is the most important part of the production, and the most technical part.

the procession of handmade eyelashes

This process requires professional staff according to the designer’s drawings, the eyelashes one by one placed in the correct position.

This all needs eyelash worker to have great patience and professional accomplishment, once the position is put wrong, whole eyelash will lose aesthetic feeling, finally this pair of eyelashes will be useless.

The temperature that will put good eyelash to pass a matter and other technical processing, eyelash is made and became.

the procession of handmade eyelashes

You think that’s the end of it? You’d be wrong.

The finished eyelashes will be cut and arranged by our professional eyelash workers.

The glue that we stick eyelash to use is import glue, avirulent, also won’t hurt eyeball, long time won’t dry,

handmade mink eyelashes need to spend more manpower, material resources and time, why do we have to do it?

Why not use a machine to make eyelashes?We think of it as a kind of art to ensure the quality of eyelashes and the soul of the design,

handmade mink eyelashes are an expression and progress of human pursuit of beauty.

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