How to price your lashes ?
How to price your lashes ?

How to price your lashes ?

Especially how to price your lashes to make a profit ?

If you are struggling how to price your lashes or struggling to make profit. This article will help you .

Every lash business starters may have the confusion that how to price the lashes .If can’t solve this problem, the business can’t move on.

First of all , please measure the factory cost .This cost is some of all your cost that is take to all your products. This includes the lashes ,the box , the delivery fee. All these will make your factory cost.The thing that I want you pay attention to is the cost for per unit.The cost per unit is the cost per item.So per lash ,per box .That is per item price .Sometimes the vendor will give you a total price , they don’t break down.Ask your vendor if they can break down the price. This can let you know how much you’ve been charged .

Secondly, it’s the price of your package.So you have the lash per unit cost . Now you need to figure out what cost of your box to make your packaging .And you need to figure out the shipping cost on these items.It’s little expensive of package shipping from China to USA .You want to know those prices and you want to include it .

So the prices for your lashes , the prices for your boxes.Including shipping on both will make the main factory cost.If you want some custom bag or boxes , that will include your factory cost as well.For inquiry ,please contact Avatar Lashes

After calculating the product cost , let’s talk about the fixed cost.Things that will never changed .They will always be the same. Like the website, the seller fees.When you sell on website , your website provider usually charges seller fee. If you use PayPal ,they charge the seller fee as well.


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