Why we can’t produce lashes according to your aim price ?
Why we can’t produce lashes according to your aim price ?

Why we can’t produce lashes according to your aim price ?

You must have the confusion that how to offer a good aim price to lash vendor .Let me tell you story firstly.

Recently our customers order lashes from us , compared with other mink lashes , they prefer our lash styles.

But when place the big order , they give an aim price , which is lower than before .They want a same quality ,but much lower price. It’s really tough for us .

Dear customer , do you know how the lashes are produced ? Our mink lashes are 100% hand made. To produce the lashes you like and with competitive price , we calculate the raw material cost , the design cost , training worker cost, quality control cost , sales personnel cost.After carefully calculating , we give a lowest we can afford.

The aim price you offer is according to your budget , didn’t consider about the production cost . We can totally understand , after all you didn’t experience the process of the lash production.

We can guarantee same product , our price is lowest.Same price , our quality is best .

Avatar Lahses is the good partner, with internet , the price is transparent.Our aim is to let all the end users experience the beauty , the luxury.Let the trader who cooperate with us can earn money.

Our mink lashes price is little higher than your aim price .But the value is worth for the price .From styles, quality , service, we don’t want to provide lower quality product in order to get your order.Because with the lower aim price , it is impossible to get same quality with samples.

Dear customers, if your budget is limited, but still want our product , I suggest you take less amount according to budget.When you have enough money, you can place larger amount order . Please notice that don’t buy the lower quality product .The end users know the quality through wearing it . It will really influence the wear experience and sales.

For example, we hope you understand, the furniture,it has various processing technology.Usually the appearance is same ,but good furniture with solid wood, lower quality furniture with semi-solid wood.The furniture producer can change the raw material according to your aim price . Bad quality furniture usually contains large amount of formaldehyde.It will have enormous damage to the health. The semi solid wood furnature also can’t use as long as the solid wood furnature.

The key to offer a lash aim price

So hope you can understand why we can’t produce the lashes according to your aim price.We don’t want to give a lower quality but told you it’s good quality. The aim price can’t be higher , cause you will loose the competitive in the market.The aim price can’t be lower , cause the quality will be lower .

Choose us , choose the professional . For good mink lashes inquiry ,please contact Sarah , whatsapp:+8617669625122


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