What Are Good Eyelashes?
What Are Good Eyelashes?

What Are Good Eyelashes?

The First Tip Of Starting Your Own Eyelashes Business: You Need To Know What Good Quality Eyelashes Are.

Everything is difficult at the beginning. For people with no business experience, how to successfully start an eyelash business is not easy.

The first question before us is not knowing how to start. For example, what kind of eyelashes should I choose, and where can I get good eyelashes and how can I sell to my customers ?

But don’t worry too much, this blog will help you to make the first step of how to start your own eyelash business successfully 

The first and most important point is to consider issues from the perspective of consumers. Most consumers are very concerned about the quality and price of eyelashes. And whether the eyelashes are suitable for you, whether it looks good or not.

So you should choose for your customers a quality that is guaranteed and there are more popular styles that are very suitable for them.

High-quality eyelashes are recommended below.

According to the material of eyelashes, there are two categories:

  • 3D Mink eyelashes
  • Silk eyelashes and Fiber eyelashes

3D mink eyelashes are the highest quality eyelashes.

It comes entirely from mink fur, with peaks on the tail of young mink. The gloss, softness, curvature, and comfort of eyelashes are very close to human eyelashes. It is very comfortable to wear and has zero burdens in the eyes.

Recommending several popular and handmade purely 3D mink eyelashes.

Silk eyelashes are also very cost-effective eyelashes.

It is closer to mink eyelashes but thinner and lighter than mink eyelashes. It also feels natural and comfortable to wear without any foreign body sensation.

Protein fiber eyelashes are the favorite of vegetarians.

Finally, protein fiber eyelashes have strong shape retention and are not easily deformed.

The three types of eyelashes are all high-quality eyelashes, all of which are made by hand. It is a large number of customers purchasing and repurchasing products.

You can buy eyelash samples to experience the wearing effect.

If you want to know more about eyelashes, you can go to the official website or contact me

And the second blog : how to choose the right eyelashes for my client?

Follow me to learn more about the next issue.


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