How to find an eyelash vendor ?
How to find an eyelash vendor ?

How to find an eyelash vendor ?

There are so many eyelash vendor in the market .I was trying to find usa based vendors , but  there aren’t there , they don’t exist . I don’t know why , if there are usa based vendors , they have very high price , I am not paying $10 for lashes .Cause if I want to sell the lashes , I have to double or triple the price , who going to buy it . The best is to find the vendors in China .Most lashes factories are based in China . And please make sure you find the quality lash vendors. cause how to choose your eyelash vendor for lash business is very important .

Firstly, I will check Do they have instagram ? Do they have their own photo on instagram ?Do they have video ? You always want to have videos.Do not go the vendors that just have stock photos .You want to see them in their own factories. You want to see they make the lashes .They do post these videos . They also post the packages , delivery , teams . I will also go through their profile . And check the factory pictures and description. If the factory is really professional and clean , I will put it on my list .

Another thing that I am looking for is on their instagram , do they post offen ?Have they posted in last two weeks ?Have they posted in 2017 and then haven’t posted again . That’s what I am looking for . I like my vendor whoever choose vendor from . Supposed activity , showing new stuff frequently. I don’t want to buy or contact a vendor whose last post was in 2015.

When you find a vendor , you have to download whatsapp . That’s the app they contact you through .So they can video call you and regular telephone call you , of course the text there . When they contact you , please remember they are in China , the time zone is way different .You will have to stay up middle night , 1 or 2 o’clock in the morning .


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