How to design your own private label  lash package ?
How to design your own private label lash package ?

How to design your own private label lash package ?

I simply use two custom-made packaging boxes as an example to illustrate this problem.
The first customer. After receiving the order, after communicating with colleagues in the business department responsible for the order, I probably understood what the customer meant. The customer found a picture of the eyelash packaging box from the Internet, saying that I want to make a packaging box similar to this picture, but I want something different. Keep it simple and taller. In fact, such a customer has a certain degree of design difficulty. The customer only said that making a similar style box did not indicate what he wanted. The picture is a simple white marble pattern, so I guess that the customer may like the marble pattern, and continue to communicate with the customer and learn that he likes pink. Next, I went online to look for pink marble and started to make renderings. After the renderings came out, they did not reflect the tall feeling, and the customers were not very satisfied. They said that it is not ideal to change pink to white. I imagined how the color matching could make the box look tall. Finally, I chose black with gold, plus a marble pattern. After I made the renderings, I felt pretty good. The customer finally chose this one. But it also wastes a lot of time and energy. For such customers, the suggestions we give must have clear goals and find directions.
We can only achieve the desired effect if we choose the right direction on our own growth and then work hard in the right direction. Are you saying yes? You can choose the box type, size and size, determine the color you want, and the material of the eyelash box on our website, so that we will design a satisfactory box for you more efficiently. Just click on the website link below to surprise you.
The second customer. The customer sent a logo and simply stated the request. Requirement 1: Put the logo on the white pull box. Requirement 2: Write ins, Facebook and website information on the back of the box. The client said the requirements were simple and clear, saving a lot of time, and then he knew how to do it. The first step is to communicate and understand the basic information and basic requirements of the customer (including which colors and fonts the customer likes and what effect they want to achieve); the second step is to imagine the effect of the renderings in the mind ; The third step is to open the software for the actual action. We usually do a simple rendering for 20 minutes. When the renderings were made, I felt that the logo on the front box did not match the box, so I gave the customer some suggestions. You can change the color of the logo eyelashes to gold and add some small decorations to it. Make renderings to show customers, customers are very satisfied.
For such customers, they have their own ideas, know what they want, what kind of box, what color, so that we can communicate with each other, as long as you have ideas, we will have practices, I am afraid that you have no ideas. You can boldly imagine, we can also boldly design, and we will also give suggestions to make your eyelash box more unique. Because not only for you to design, but also for ourselves.
The following is the box we designed for customers, you can use as a reference.


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