How to choose the eyelash sets ?
How to choose the eyelash sets ?

How to choose the eyelash sets ?

Dear lash business owners :

Considering the small mink lash business owner’s needs , Avatar Lashes now announce that the different eyelash sets are available now .

Eyelash sets

First of all , One eyelash sets contain 10-20 pairs different styles of 3d mink lashes . These mink lashes are the most popular lash styles on the market .And It contains 20mm lashes,eyelashes 3d,fluffy mink lashes. Small lash business owners can choose lash styles by themselves .And you can customize The mink false eyelashes sets .So that this helps customers open the lash business in the short time .Cause customers don’t need to waste time for sourcing lashes .

In addition , time is valuable . So all the people live a busy life .As a result of modern women personality is very strong . Women prefer changes .Therefore one mink lashes styles can’t meet their demand .They wears different 3d mink lashes according to different make ups , different dress.These women probably dress like a queen . They maybe dress and make up like a sweet girl .These dress and make up all request different lashes to match . They usually buy different mink eyelashes to meet different demands.

At last ,You must concern the delivery fee , too. We can send mink eyelashes in bulk with DHL , FedEx , UPS to all the countries . For example , to America , it usually takes $25-$30 for 0.5KG , which is totally can contains 20-25 pairs lashes .Because the delivery fee of every pair lashes is very low . It can be ignored compared with the mink lashes profit.

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