How Lilly Ghalichi Mir  start Lilly Lashes?
How Lilly Ghalichi Mir start Lilly Lashes?

How Lilly Ghalichi Mir start Lilly Lashes?

What can we learn from Lilly lashes sccessful ?

Lily Lashes was the biggest and most successful lash company all over the world .How did she get the business idea ? What can we learn from her success ?

There are so many girls out there , they have dream of their own , ideas of their own,amazing business or products. Before even start it on is to do it. It doesn’t matter if it is stupid ,It doesn’t matter your mom thinks , friends think , your sister thinks , all the matter is what you think . And if you think you get a good idea, you have passion for something, if you  think is awesome. Just do it .You will never know where it can take you . We all never know unless you try.The hardest step in following your dream or starting your business is the first step.

The general tips and tricks on how you can start your business .

  1. You need an idea. If you have something that you have passion about, the product you invented. That’s good enough. Lily said , not everything she has done is successful. Not everything you gonna do will be successful. A huge part of success is failer. All you need is one idea to stick, one business to succeed .You don’t need every idea to be brilliant .You don’t need all the products to be brilliant.
  2. Work ethics . You will never be successful unless you work.It is not easy .You need to work every single day .Day and night .Being an entrepreneur,it is not mean night to five.Or it doesn’t mean , I gonna work this week , then next week , I am going to European ,and week after that I will go Austria for fun. And then come back for work after that . When you start the business, you need to vote 100% of your time ,effort and energy into that business .When to succeed , that when you can enjoy the success.

Lily lashes is one of Lilly Ghalichi Mir’s businesses ,also it is her most famous business .

  • How did Lily come up the idea of lily lashes ?

According to Lily, she was filming a reality show at the time .Her character with big hair , lot of make ups , long dress . But the problem is at that time there is no dramatic lashes. There are two choices , barely there is human hair lashes and synthetic lashes. For someone who wants to be glamorous and dramatic , there is no options. If you want a dramatic lashes , you have to cut and glue the lashes , it takes 2-3 hours.  Lily and her make up artist try to invent new kinds of lashes .It can be easy applied. They find avatar lashes and try to produce 3D mink lashes.At that time ,she find serveral factories in China. Avatar lashes in one of them , but is the most powerful factory , accupy the big part of domestic and foreign market. She decided to cooperate with avatar lashes finally , cause we have our own research department and technical personnel. After several times negotiation , we are the only factory that can produce perfect lashes for her company .

  • What is the first custom product of Lily Lashes ?

The first truly custom collection are Lily Lashes 3D mink lashes .This is first collection in the world.Avatar lashes have all the styles of lily 3D mink lashes with best qulaity .

It is 3 dimensions.If you want the same styles ,please contact AVATAR LASHES Sarah whatsapp:+8617669625122.

Avatar Lashes solves all the business owners problem

The business owners will face various problems during run the business. Avatar lashes confidient that can solve all with years experience in lash market. Will provide as same support and service as to large brand . You can relly rely on us .


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