Custom lash packaging for lash business
Custom lash packaging for lash business

Custom lash packaging for lash business

Some customers see custom eyelash package in USA.They send the pictures to me and ask for the same packaging. Even want to diy eyelash packaging. It is very American and good idear .But some people that don’t know lash business before will ask is it possible ?

What is custom lash packaging?

Firstly , the custom eyelash box packaging is very fabulous. There are different shapes and materials. You can see there are rectangle ,square , diamond shapes. Also the material with catton , stainless steel, plastic. After all , this is the wisdom of all lash business owner. One of my customer is a medical student , she askes us to designed a pharmacy bottle . It is like nuclear in the lash market that year. Just boomed .Other lash owner then copy the idea , asking us to produce the pharmacy bottle. The lash business request creative , let’s start with the custom lash package . Please check the most popular custom lash cases as follows:

custom lashes wholesale

eyelash boxes custom

wholesale eyelashes and custom packaging

eyelash custom boxes

custom mink lash boxes

custom made eyelash boxes

Your lashes brand deserve to be an icon . Imagine that one day , every people you know is talking about your lashes . They use beatiful words, face with happiness ,tones filled with joy. This is true sucessful of your lash brand .You deserve have more than just money. And the lash business will make you different and extraordinary.

If you want to check more custom eyelash cases, please contact avatar lashes , Sarah whatsapp+8617669625122

Secondly, I have to congratulate to you that you have choosen the beautiful case till now . The second step is you need to put your own logo on the package .This is very easy , you can send your logo to lash vendor . And tell them where to put the logo and the logo size on the packing box.


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