How to pick the right Eyelashes?
How to pick the right Eyelashes?

How to pick the right Eyelashes?

Last time we discussed how to choose eyelash supplier. Today we continue to discuss how to pick the right eyelashes.

Picking eyelash is very easy, but pick the right eyelashes is very difficult. Wearing the wrong false eyelashes will make you feel uncomfortable, and most importantly, it will hurt your customers’ eyes. Today we’re going to talk about how to pick the right eyelashes.

the Material of the right Eyelash

Material is very important, use high quality natural hair to make false eyelashes, just like real eyelashes, short in the inside and long in the outside. Natural and soft and light. No sense of weight to eyes.

the characteristic of eyelash
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Glossiness of the right Eyelash

Color is bright, smooth, not tarnish, realistic, more close to true eyelash quality is better.

The degree of softness and hardness of the right eyelashes

Too hard material pledges, can bring very big pressure to the eyelid, and after wearing, look very false, not natural. Too soft false lashes, and not enough to stand upright, curling degree is not enough.

the different eyelash comparison

The most appropriate is, knead gently with the hand, have soft feeling, a bit harder than your true lash.

Good false eyelashes can go up naturally become warps, the growth radian with real eyelashes are similar, and grafting eyelash is worn can feel curt, lack aesthetic feeling.

The practicality of the right Eyelashes

If you want to make a splash at a party, opt for exaggerated it, such as those shape with rhinestones, plumage and bright colors.

the best right Eyelashes picture

However, friends parties, dating couples, it is best not to be too dramatic, that will make people uncomfortable.

the best right Eyelashes picture

In a word, choosing false eyelashes is very easy, but choosing the right false eyelashes is very difficult. If you want to know more about eyelash tips, please contact

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