Work tips

Today is Monday, and the inquiries have made me busy and self-sufficient. Are you also like me, and occasionally busy at work?

So in my spare time, I will also look for ways to make my work more efficient, so as to continuously improve my work efficiency.

“Micro-customs: self-management rules that are simple to impossible to fail
When you guide something, write it down immediately, which means that you have raised it to a position more important than other ideas.

A study shows that writing ideas (whether positive or negative) on paper will make the brain more prominent and typing will not have such an effect. It must be handwritten to magnify its importance.

Write your micro habits from the start, and then check the progress as planned, these two things are extremely important to your success.

What can help you is the smallest thing you can concentrate on every day for your life. ”

Let me know how to make your work more efficient. Let’s take a look at the weekly fake eyelash recommendation.


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