Factory of false eyelash production process

Still following yesterday’s topic, today we mainly explain the operation process of our false eyelash factory.

Let’s take a look at my lens below.

The first thing that caught your eye was the workers who stood neatly, wearing sterile hat gloves, masks and sterilized clothing on their heads.

False eyelashes are products that are used close to our skin, so the hygienic disinfection of false eyelashes is particularly important, so let’s take a look at AVATARLASHES if it is done.

There is a light in front of it. This is not an ordinary lighting. It is a disinfecting lamp that integrates disinfection lighting.

Similar to the surgical lights we saw in the operating room of the hospital, but the degree of disinfection is naturally not up to the medical level, but for the production and production of false eyelashes, our company is equipped with this lamp is enough.

The next step is for our workers to manually place the eyelashes in clusters.

AVATARLASHES assures consumers that every false eyelash is made by hand.


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